NotFunny Deluxe

NotFunny Deluxe 6 - Just Like Shrek

March 06, 2021 The Coconut Crew Season 2 Episode 6
NotFunny Deluxe
NotFunny Deluxe 6 - Just Like Shrek
Show Notes

Running shoes ready?  This episode we cover little-people actors, how public school is prison for children (and why their mothers love it), and that NotFunny Deluxe might not actually be that different than AI generated YouTube content aimed at children for clicks.  We also get a very special story from Scuzzy, I wonder if you can guess what he might be doing in his story.

The Coconut Crew: Garden, Scuzzy, Finley, Disco, and Keg

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03:00 – The Sinking Ship
06:11 –  Little People's Acting Careers
10:05 – Soul Sucking Fortnite
14:00 – We're AI Generated YouTube Trash
19:40 – Scuzzy's Green Story
25:30 – Food Fight Generations
34:40 – Kid Prison From Home
40:00 – Stupid Matrix Shit
44:05 - Double Mask Fart
50:00 - Equality Act
53:45 - Lars And The Real Girl Roundtable
1:06:55 - Outro