NotFunny Deluxe

NotFunny Deluxe 4 - Jumbotron Oppression (feat.Disco)

January 13, 2021 The Coconut Crew Season 2 Episode 4
NotFunny Deluxe
NotFunny Deluxe 4 - Jumbotron Oppression (feat.Disco)
Show Notes

Disco joins us again as we discuss Italian portion sizes, when a retard crosses the line, and Steam putting gay penises on their front page.  We also are honoring the results of an unrigged election on Twitter by hashing out the Zelda Fish Girl shit; Keg vs. Garden.  We talk about really important things.

Special Guest: Disco
The Coconut Crew: Garden, Scuzzy, Finley, and PowderKeg

Twitter: @g_rdn_ , @drainer_son , @rancherfinley , @powderkegnf
Kino Quickly:

03:00 – Scuzzy's New Mic
08:00 –  Christmas Gifts
13:00 – Polite To Tsim Fuckis
20:00 – Harrassing Syd
26:20 – The Great Breath of the Wild Fish Girl Debate
40:50 – Garden Begins
47:20 – Pitbull Execution
58:10 – THROWBACK - Jesse Lee Peterson Sings We're The Monkeys
1:00:00 - Gay Dicks on Steam
1:09:00 - Outro
BONUS -  Jesse Lee Peterson Turns To The Darkness