NotFunny Deluxe

NotFunny Deluxe 3 - Batman Voice (feat.Disco)

January 03, 2021 The Coconut Crew (.feat Disco) Season 2 Episode 3
NotFunny Deluxe
NotFunny Deluxe 3 - Batman Voice (feat.Disco)
Show Notes

This is a rough one.  Our recording bot kept crashing during this already lackluster episode, but Garden valiantly patched it together into a Poop Frankenstone.   What would Keg do against 4 rapists? 50 rapists? 1,000,000 RAPISTS?!  A lot of Batman in this one, honestly too much Batman.  Oh, and our pal Disco joins us.

Special Guest: Disco  (@DiscoKino)
The Coconut Crew: Garden, Scuzzy, Finley, and PowderKeg

Twitter: @g_rdn_ , @drainer_son , @rancherfinley , @powderkegnf
Kino Quickly:

01:30 – The Chalupa Virus
07:10 – 'What If?' Boss Battles (Difficulty: Impossible) 
15:00 – Chaos Joker Poop
22:20 – Early YouTube Content
26:30 – The Real Lil' Scuzzy Returns
36:40 – Mailbag
48:45 – Even More Batman Voice
1:01:00 – Marge Simpson X Batman
1:07:40 - Outro